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Playground Fundraiser!

Thank you for supporting our new playground by ordering delicious perogies and sausages!
Invite your friends and family to add to your order! Go to your child's Student Fees page on Parent Portal to order. 
Orders are due by Wednesday, November 15, 2023.
Pick up orders:  this will take place on an arranged date and time at around the end of November, when Prairie Gourmet is able to combine delivery with another in the area. We will advise of the date and time once the schedule has been confirmed with the company.
Ingredients and Nutritional info available on website:
Purchasers: you are responsible to pick up your order (all the boxes you purchased for yourself and/ or sold to others) at the arranged time, and get them delivered to the customers who bought from you. If quick delivery isn't possible, you may wish to bring a cooler with ice packs to put the product in. Perogies can stick together if they thaw at all. 

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