Hot Lunch Program

NEW! Hot Lunch Online Orders

Hot Lunch may be ordered monthly for the following month. Families are notified via email when the next month's order forms are available online through the Parent Portal. For the months of October through May, our School Council runs Hot Lunch and the profits are used to provide various means of support to our school. Our sincere appreciation goes to them! 

To order, go to Student Fees in your Parent Portal account. You can find your child's order forms at the bottom of their tab. 

If you would like to volunteer to assist with distributing lunches on any Hot Lunch Thursday, please contact School Council Chair, Jolyn Dobinson, at 403-391-3433, or phone the school at 403-784-3354.

Remember that all orders MUST be submitted by the advertised due date! Sorry, we really cannot accept late orders. As well, we do not issue refunds.

Thank you for your support!