School Council

School Council

A school council is a vehicle to support meaningful parental involvement in decisions that affect the school and its operations. The School Council provides the venue for parents to reflect the wishes of the broader community for the education of its students and to actively participate in giving advice and support to the principal in the operations of the school.

Core activities:

- advises the principal and board on education issues that pertain to the school (excluding personnel issues);
- establishes and reviews the school council's goals, objectives, action plans, and procedures;
- communicates and consults with parents and the school community;
- meets regularly.

Established school councils:

- focus on what is best for all students in the school;
- consider the interests of all school stakeholders;
- develop, maintain and reflect the culture of the school;
- represent the parent voice in the school community.

The School Council Resource Guide can be viewed on the ASCA website:

Clive School Council Operating Procedures - Approved May 15, 2014

School Council Meeting Minutes