Full school shift to online learning

Effective Friday May 7, 2021 ALL KINDERGARTEN to GRADE 12 SCHOOLS will transition to online learning. This is a temporary change and students will return to in-school learning on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 (following the Victoria Day Long Weekend).

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Jardine, Ted - Principal
Klassen, Karen - Assistant Principal

Biberdorf, Donna - Grade 4 Homeroom
Chacko, Melissa - Grade 3 Homeroom
Enright, Carly - Grade 2 Homeroom                   
Howe, Christine - Grade 7 Homeroom              
Howey, Vanessa - Grade 6 Homeroom                
Morrison, Nicholas - Grade 8 Homeroom             
Priddell, Cheryl - Grade 1 Homeroom                  
Sim, Stacey - Kindergarten Homeroom                        
Trarback, Garry - Grade 9 Homeroom                 
Turnbull, Kandace - Grade 5 Homeroom              
Young, Jennifer - On leave

McGinnis, Wendy

Administrative Assistant
Friesen, Bev

School Social Worker
Schafer, Jennalee

Educational Assistant
Deckert, Kristy
Fellhauer, Delaney
Gregory, Michelle
Hutchison, Ronda
McGinnis, Wendy
Perry, April
Polsfut, Kim
Tees, Dawn

Baumbach, Greg
Zaytsoff, Tammy