Our Mission Statement

“Learning Together For Life”

Clive School is a small rural school located 15 minutes east of Lacombe serving students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. We offer a strong program in all academic subjects in junior high and elementary and a wide range of complementary courses in technology, music, art, drama, and Career and Technology Studies.

Students learn in a setting that focuses on differentiated instruction, where specific needs of all students are the focus. Fine arts, physical education, and technology all receive strong emphasis in addition to the core academic programs.

Clive School is complemented by a supportive School Council and parent community which is evident by the many volunteers that help at our school.

At Clive School, we believe that by providing a positive and supportive learning environment, our students can achieve academic, personal, and social growth. We invite you to visit our school in person to find out the great things that we have to offer!

  • School Tours
    • Please contact our school for more information about our programs. We can arrange a time for a school tour and can discuss the programs we have to offer.
  • Transportation (Busing)
    • A large majority of our students ride bus transportation to and from school. To find out more about bus transportation information, please check the Wolf Creek Division office website or call 403-783-3473.
  • Opportunities for All Students
    • Due to the small size of our school, all of our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports teams and many other extra-curricular activities as well as leadership opportunities.