Jr High Badminton Schedule

Thanks for joining the Clive Badminton team.  Come with the attitude to get better each time out and have fun!

Practice dates for the Clive Badminton Team:

April 8th - All singles and Mixed Doubles
April 9th- All Doubles
April 10th - All singles and Mixed Doubles
April 11th- All Doubles
April 15th - All singles and Mixed Doubles
April 16th- All Doubles

Practice dates are also posted on our Clive web page.

April 17th - First competition - Wolf Creek East

Players will be transported to Lacombe via a bus but parents will need to pick their child up in Lacombe at one of the 3 schools. Round robin action will start at 4:00 pm and be over around 5:30 pm and if your son / daughter makes it to the playoffs they could play till 7:00 - 7:30 pm?  

Grade 7 will play at Central Alberta Christian High School

Grade 8’s will play at Lacombe Christian School

Grade 9’s will play at Father Lacombe


Ms. Turnbull, Ms. Enright, Mr. Morrison and Mr. Jardine

Jr High Badminton Schedule 2019