Garry Trarback

Teacher - Grade 9 Homeroom

About Me

I have been a teacher at Clive School for the past 25 years. I have stayed here so long because I love the community and my teaching assignment. . My teaching specialty is in the Humanities. This year I am teaching Grade 8 Social Studies, Grade 8 Language Arts, Grade 9 Social Studies, Grade 9 Language Arts, and two options per term. I am married and have three children. My interests include reading, computer gaming, sports, dogs, and movies.

The Links below are provided as a service to parents and students to enhance communication between home and school. The assignment trackers function as a type of homework book to let parents and students know what work has been assigned, when it is due and what exactly is being asked of students. This information is also vital to students who are doing redo's or are absent from class and need to know what they missed and need to do to catch up.

Mr. T.


Support Materials

Grade 8 Assignment Tracker

Grade 9 Assignment Tracker